Results of “Vinnaya Karta Open” competition

As a tradition in the end of the May there is a wines and alcohol beverages competition “Vinnaya Karta Open” in Moscow, which is organized by the same named magazine. This year there was a long list of alcohol production given to the experts (such well-known people like Vladimir Tsapelik, Larisa Korobkova, Yulia Sokolova, Anton Volkov).  Wine-tasting had to spend a few times, because there were a plenty of samples.
Strict and incorruptible juries by the blind tasting choose the best challengers for medals.
And one more time  GC “Dionis Group” is among the awardees.  If we take the samples of Company during 2016/2017 years than we coud see the next:

Gold medal:

  • «Kartuli Vazi» Napareuli 2015 (Tifliski viniy pogreb)
  • «DIONIS CLUB» Kagor Blagovest (DK-Intertrade)


Silver medal:

  • «Kartuli Vazi» Tsinandali 2013 (Tifliski viniy pogreb)
  • «Kartuli Vazi» Saperavi 2015 (Tifliski viniy pogreb)
  • «Kartuli Vazi» Teliani 2015 (Tifliski viniy pogreb)
  • «DIONIS CLUB» Kagor Blagovest (DK-Intertrade)
  • «DIONIS COLLECTION» Pinot Grigio 2015 (DK-Intertrade)
  • «DIONIS COLLECTION» Merlot Rose 2015 (DK-Intertrade)
  • «AURVIN RESERVE» Merlot 2016 (DK-Intertrade)